Solar Battery Guide

People worldwide are becoming aware of renewable energy and all the possibilities available for their houses. One of the many upcoming solar innovations is smart solar batteries, where households can greatly minimize their electricity costs. With this said, if you don’t know what’s the solar battery is and its connected components, we will be discussing in great detail to clear all your doubts.

What are Solar Batteries?

A solar battery is an optional part that can be integrated into a solar-powered system so that the unused solar energy generated during day time doesn’t get lost. It is a great additional option for homeowners who don’t utilize their solar power to the fullest.

In Depth Smart Solar Battery Options

What are solar battery storages?

In simple language, these battery storages capture all the extra energy generated from the sun to maximize the benefits of a solar panel. It prevents the excess energies from being sent back to the grid and helps the owner utilize that power for other activities when they need it.

How solar batteries work?

These batteries work in a simplified process where their primary work is to store the solar energy and release the same during evenings and evenings. To make this possible, a storage unit is placed in the battery where all the extra energy generated by the panels are stored instead of sending it back to the grid.

What makes these batteries smart?

A battery to be considered smart requires some software capabilities besides its core hardware functions. Today, many companies include software like GridShare, which can know the household’s energy generation and consumption pattern.

It can also know the upcoming weather conditions and a home’s energy tariff. Combining all those factors will create customized charging plans for the best return on homeowner power consumption. Additionally, smart solar box battery companies provide their customers with a universal dashboard and apps to gain accessibility of real-time savings and consumption.

Why should you use it?

  • It can be connected to most of the solar panels
  • You can utilize the unused stored energy for a longer period of time
  • Drastically reduces your power bills
  • The models are updated according to people’s current consumption patterns
  • Extended warranties from the manufacturers
  • Integrated software capabilities

We are just scratching the surface here, for more information, contact a reliable solar battery company to know your accurate energy profile.

How do you know which system you’ll need?

A solar panel battery system will vary from user to user because every user’s energy profile will be different due to differences in home size, family size, and consumption patterns.

Usually, the higher your electricity consumption level, the more panels, and bigger battery storage will be required to meet your needs. For most average homeowners, the requirement of solar panels just in the ballpark of 5 and 15.

It’s obvious that a larger house with a bigger family will require much more energy than a single person living in 1 bedroom bungalow. Another factor that must be considered is when the energy is used because the consumption will be completely different during the day compared with the night time.

How will you know the requirement of the solar battery system?

To know your exact battery system requirement, first, you need to have some data in place. Those are given below:

i) First, take out your average daily consumption in Kwh by analyzing the monthly or quarterly bills and divide it by cost per unit.

ii) Secondly, you need to have an idea of energy usage during the daytime vs. the nighttime.

By taking the two factors mentioned above, a solar battery company will provide you an ideal system for your day to day consumption.

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