Advantages and Disadvantage Of Using Solar Energy In Your Home

You’ll be amazed to hear, according to a research done recently it says that 1 hour of energy production by the sun can feed the global energy needs for up to 1 year. Isn’t it proves about the sun’s incredible capability of producing energy? To this day, we have not been able to harness the full energy of the sun. But, companies are trying there best by introducing various new solar panels with better ability to collect energy.

For many decades, people were reluctant to use solar power due to higher cost or inefficiency involve in the whole process. However, things are slowly turning around because of the incredible long term benefits associated with it. For instance, eco friendliness, lower electricity bill, government incentives and so much more.

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Additionally, many areas have their own solar panel grants and budget friendly pricing structure which is attracting more and more people every year to this industry. So, things are going very well for solar industry with the advent of new technologies and government support, making solar a reliable source of energy.

Even though with many benefits, there will always some drawbacks for any kind of energy you choose to discuss. So, for this article, we are taking an unbiased view on solar energy for our readers to take a decision on their own.

Benefits of using solar power for your home:

i) A great source of renewable energy

If you think deeply, you’ll find out that solar power can be said the true source of renewable energy. It is the only energy which can be found in every region around the globe. People can rely on solar as their main source of power because it can’t be depleted like any other sources of energy. Sun will be available to human for at least 5 billion years more.

ii) Lower electricity bills

There is not a single doubt in our mind about electricity consumption benefits that home owners will receive by using solar energy. Besides saving on your electricity bills, you can also trade the surplus amount of energy with the utility companies by sending it back to the grid. So, the more energy you produce the more profitable you are and less dependent on electricity supplier.

iii) Various other useful application

Not only we can produce electricity for our own homes, solar energy can also be utilised for areas which doesn’t have any connectivity to energy grids. Furthermore, it can be used to provide distilled water for people living in areas depriving from clean water. So, you can see there are countless benefits that are connected with solar power. From your home to satellites in space can be powered through solar energy.

iv) Minimum maintenance costs

Another selling point of a solar powered system is the lower cost of maintenance. You don’t required to spend any large budget besides some annual cleaning works. If you don’t want to get your hand’s dirty then there are hundreds of companies available that will get the job done for you. Believe us, it will be way below $100. So, the question arise, how such a complicated energy system can be operated in such a low maintenance costs? There can be many answers to this question but the primary reasons are – longer warranties by solar panel manufacturers, minimum moving parts in the entire system and various incentives provided by local and federal government to adopt solar energy . Usually, after installing a solar system, your spending will mostly go to cleaning, maintaining the inverter, and the cables.

v) Technology Improvement

As technology thrives more and more, the solar companies will leverage this to make their solar panels even more efficient when it come to electrical input. Specifically, technologies involved in nanotechnology and quantum physics are making tremendous progress to make this dream possible.

Drawbacks of using solar energy

i) Requirement of a capital

Even after many benefits provided by local and federal authorities, you are still needed to invest a relatively high amount when first purchasing a solar system. But, solar industry is constantly evolving, and we are quite sure that in a very near future this problem will be taken care of by manufacturers and service providers.

ii) Dependence on weather condition

This is a big concern for potential solar energy customers whether the system can be used in cloudy or rainy days. Honestly, this is the only thing that a solar powered system needs improvement. However, the companies are constantly making improvements, making new thermodynamic panels. These panels will allow customers to heat waters even in nightime or during winter sessions.

iii) Need a big space

One of the issue with the solar energy users is the requirement of big space to meet their electricity demand for the whole day. With the current size of PV panels, if your house doesn’t have sufficient space in rooftop or in the yard then you may have to satisfy with limited power consumption.

iv) Linked with pollution

Many people think that solar energy is completely pollution free but it’s not. Compared to other sources of energy the pollution generated by a solar system is minute but it’s not entirely nature friendly. Be it the usage of toxic materials associated with manufacturing, emission of green house gases in the process of installation and transportation, there are many cases where solar energy is found to be linked with causing pollution. But, overall a solar powered system can be said to be the best of all the energy sources available when it comes down to environment friendliness.

Our Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article gives you a clear picture of the solar energy and helps you clarify all the doubts in your mind. We have tried to write a comprehensive article to address each queries of people before installing solar system in their homes. If you found this guide helpful, please share it to your friends and help our message to spread all over the country.

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