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Project Description

Michael A., Rehoboth, MA

I’ve told folks that I’m happy to talk if they need a reference. Bay State did a nice job. Plus, I like to see the local guys doing well, rather than the bigger companies who take the money out of Massachusetts. There were a couple of problems that arose during the installation that were handled very efficiently by Bay State’s team. There are a lot of moving parts to the process, so it took about 70-80 days from contract to having the system turned on. The fair thing to say that is the process went well, and any problems that came up were handled professionally. I was able to contact Bay State easily and my emails were responded to quickly.

It amazes me that most people don’t understand that solar in Massachusetts is a money-making proposition. And that it’s tremendously foolish to lease a system (over buying) and essentially give away all your benefits. Whenever I talk to people who are interested in solar, I try to impress upon them that leasing gives away those credits that the commonwealth wants them to have. The state doesn’t want a company like Solarcity to take that money back to San Francisco. They want it to stay here and will try everything they can to promote those options (without being unfair to businesses). That’s the really important thing to remember.

If you have access to capital, the economics of solar in Massachusetts is marvelous. It gives me great joy to see my meter run backwards, especially when we have four or five days of sun. Of course, I’m thrilled to see that I’m making more energy than I use. I don’t have to run around and turn lights off anymore. My houses will never again use fossil fuels. I think we’re also setting a good example for our kids who are enthusiastic about saving resources. It feels good to my soul to know that I’m doing my part, I say to my friends who have access to capital, “You need to do this.” We need to set the example.

Project Description:

Panels: Solar World 320 Mono XL Pro Series
System Size: 10.24 kW
Inverter: Solar Edge 7600 A-US, (32) P350 Optimizers
Racking: Flush to roof at 37 degrees