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Project Description

Marc F., Rehoboth, MA

Everything from the initial meetings to the panel installation was flawless. Communication was phenomenal (I can’t stress that point enough). As a homeowner, it’s so frustrating when you have a company or contractor doing work at your house and they don’t show up on time. It happens so often that it’s accepted as normal. But that wasn’t the case with Bay State Solar Solutions. If there were any problems during the process, they let you know right away. The quality of communication with their team made everything go smoothly. They were honest right from the get-go, which was comforting because of the amount of money I put down on purchasing the system.

I told Mike [the sales director] that I wanted the biggest system they could fit on my house. I did so knowing that I could figure out a way to use all the energy and turn it into money. My system is now creating three times the electric energy I used last year. Since the installation, I haven’t had one propane payment (my house runs on propane for heat). It also handles my central air conditioning. So I have no electric bill, I’m supplementing all of my heating and cooling costs, and I’m sending the rest to my parent’s house. Three of my close friends have installed systems through this company, too, and they’ve all reported back extremely happy.

Project Description:

Panels: Solar World 280 Mono
System Size: 11.88 kW
Inverter: Solar Edge 10000 A-US
Racking: Roof Mounted