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Project Description

Lisa E., Rehoboth, MA

The process was a lot easier than I thought. It was literally pain-free. I travel all the time for work, so I coordinated with the team even though I wasn’t here. They worked around my schedule. It’s hard not to enjoy free electricity, plus the credits I’m going to receive in the winter. It’s one less bill I’ll have to worry about. I’ve recommended RI Solar for many people; I tell everyone I talk to! I always explain why purchasing is better than leasing, too. You receive all the tax credits and get all of your money back for the installation over time. And it’s just better to work with a local company.

Project Description:

Panels: Solar World 280W
System Size: 6.1 kW
Inverter: Solar Edge 5000 A-US
Racking: Flush to roof at 22 degrees