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Project Description

Joan A., Rehoboth, MA

I liked working with Mike because he was low key. He was quietly persistent about explaining the advantages of going solar, but let me have time to think about it. Eventually I decided to do it, but I didn’t feel pressured. I was surprised at how simple the procedure was to install and turn it on. It was pretty straightforward. I think renewable energy, in the long run, is the way to go. At this point, I have no electric bill. I’ve also been told that my house will sell twenty percent faster for twenty percent more now that I have the system. So if you’re planning on going solar, now is the time!

Project Description:

Panels: Solar World 285 Mono, 21 Modules
System Size: 5.99 kW DC
Inverter: Solar Edge 5000 A-US
Racking: Flush to roof at 20 and 24 degrees