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DCIM100MEDIADJI_0091.JPGBay State Solar Solutions

Our dedicated and highly experienced staff designs, engineers, finances, installs and maintains solar systems for homes and businesses. We handle all permits, rebate processing, and administration providing a simplified solution. Our staff are experts at creating the right financial solutions based on your specific needs. We help ensure that you will receive full advantage of all available government incentives and guide you through the financing options that best suit your objectives. When you couple the proven financial returns of solar energy with the environmental benefits, the case for solar becomes compelling for any home or business. As a local Massachusetts company, Bay State Solar Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the most effective solar energy systems available. We strive for exceptional customer satisfaction and service.





Anestis Taskos

Anestis is our Director of Operations. He makes sure that each step in the solar installation process is handled in a timely and efficient manner, from the initial sales meeting to the day your system is turned on. He oversees HR, IT, and Finance to ensure effective coordination and communication on a daily basis.

Before helping start up Solar Solutions in 2014, Anestis was a small business entrepreneur and financial investor on Wall Street for 10 years. He holds an MBA in Finance and Investments from the City University of New York, attending the Zicklin School of Business. His skills in investment analysis and strategy was integral in creating Bay State Solar Solutions’ business plan.

Anestis’ passion for renewable energy stems from his love of sailing. He grew up sailing on the coast of Greece and taught at the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, RI. He is also a nationally ranked table tennis athlete in the U.S.





Michael Staab

Mike is our Director of Business Development. He ensures that our sales and marketing teams are educating, guiding, and delighting our customers at every step. Mike utilizes his 20+ years of sales and marketing experience to improve services, train our staff, and expedite processes.

Before starting Bay State Solar Solutions, Mike specialized in helping small, boutique companies increase their sales activity and revenue. His experience with OEM equipment, insurance, and the auto industry provides insightful guidance for our staff. But most of all is Mike’s dedicated approach to making every customer happy.

In his own words, Mike says: “Solar provides me the ability to provide a service that’s always a win-win situation. Most of our customers are well-researched and understand the benefits and cost analysis before the first meeting. They already know that “going solar” is a tremendous opportunity and my job is to exceed their expectations in every way possible.”



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